What is Greenit

First of all, Green it! is a way of being. “Green it!” means “Make it green”, “Think green”.

People gathered around this idea, which means to use responsibly the natural resources, to design short chains, to privilege the “zero km” philosophy, to look for an economical as well as social impact on the local market, to look for biological and natural productions.

Here follows a short but meaningful insight about our Mission, Vision, Values and Strategy.


Applying the concept of “Appropriate Technology” to the local context, in order to develop smart production and sale schemes which fit with local needs and gaps.

What is an Appropriate Technology? “Appropriate”, is any technological choice and application that is small-scale, affordable, decentralized, labor-intensive, energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable, and locally autonomous


Appropriate Technologies are studied, developed, tested, calibrated, optimized and evaluated through experimental research. Therefore, offered on the market as Business Units.


Appropriate Technologies (Ecological, economical and social sustainability)

Creating decent job opportunities (Short supply chain, market niches, impact evaluation)

Offering new, high quality local products (local market and export)

Determining a positive effect both in production and in consumption/utilization


Year after year, Green it! develops new appropriate technologies, starting dedicated branches or Business Units.

Through a collaboration with different Research Partners, in the years 2022-24 we foresee the followings: dairy productions, interior design and furniture, bamboo scaffoldings, jams and marmalades, fish culture.

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