The king of Cheeses

Green it! diary production consists in the highest standard fresh and seasoned cheese.

Using Swiss and Italian formulas adapted to the Ethiopian context, we are researching new tastes, which roots in the oldest traditions.

Green it! Cheeses are periodically tested in laboratory, to ensure always the maximum safety standards.

Herbal Cheese

It’s a semi-seasoned cheese, aged for 2-4 months at controlled temperature and humidity, then labelled and packed. It contains tyme, red chili pepper and rosmarine, for a satisfying and rich taste experience.

Spicy Crust

This semi-cooked cheese combines the pure taste of a white seasoned cheese with the most typical and intriguing aroma of Ethiopia: a skin entirely covered with berbere powder. Berbere is a red mix of spices, which includes red chili, cardamom, ginger and many others. This cheese is better consumed row, to better enjoy the aged taste.

Fresh ricotta

Fresh ricotta is a by-product of cheese making: when the milk is transformed, the solid part of it (curd) goes to make the cheese, while the liquid one (whey) is left over. Ricotta is a fresh cheese, made by boiling and patiently filtering the whey, so that nothing is thrown away. Fresh ricotta must be consumed when fresh, within a week from the production date.
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