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Green it Research & Technology PLC is a Private Enterprise, established in Ethiopia in 2022 (GC).

Green it! consists of two sectors: “Research and Development” and “Technology Transfer & Business Incubation”.

In the first sector, different Appropriate Technologies are studied, designed, tested and calibrated, specifically for the rural areas of Ethiopia.

The appropriate technologies will regard innovations in farming and non farming production, processing, transformation and value-adding.

The output of this sector will consist in a list of business plans, one for each technology that successfully passed the research phase.

In the second sector, the mentioned outputs will be implemented: for each technology, a business unit will be put in place, equipped and furnished with all the tools and materials necessary for the activity.

Green it! employs local workforce in order to exploit the potential of each technology: after the necessary trainings, individuals will be employed and/or business groups (such as cooperatives) will access through a renting system to the Business Unit.

The activities of the two sectors can be summarized as follows.

Research & Development Sector

In partnership with different Research Centres and Technical Institutions, Green it! elaborates, pilot, test, evaluate and calibrate different Appropriate Technologies, aimed to be useful in the local context. The output of this unit will be transmitted to the following one.

Technology Transfer & Business Incubation Sector

In partnership with Local Authorities, Development Actors, Charities and CSOs (Civil Society Organizations), a strategy is defined in order to better diffuse the use of the Appropriate Technologies that have been developed.

Each Income Generating Activity will be implemented and followed for all the time that is needed.

In the following table: the steps that every technology will follow, from the research to the sustainability, through the two sections above described.


study of traditional, current and innovative techniques of the place and of compatible places; competitions and conferences; projects of local universities and research centres


Green it! thematic projects: formation of the technical-scientific committee, fund raising, definition of a time schedule and SMART indicators.


production of applied research, publications, prototype production, data collection, aging tests and of all kinds.


pilot projects useful for an objective evaluation of the indicators, subsequent modifications aimed at optimizing and comparing different variants.


evaluation of the final indicators, admission to subsequent phases or "rejection" of the project.


the selected technology is proposed to users through professional training. The modalities will be different for each single project.


the cooperative, production unit or in any case the group of users is assisted in the start-up phase. Support for entrepreneurship.


part of the profits, together with any other funds, favor the strengthening, expansion, replication or extension of the profitable business.


there is no real step-out. Each group of users remains anchored to the Center, paying a rent and receiving services as conflict resolution, tax assistance, finding suppliers and/or buyers, maintenance of production units, access to microcredit channels, etc.

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